In the past few years, cpg companies have realized that outsourcing expertise in certain areas of their business, was the right thing to do. They found that by hiring external consultants, they could work alongside talented individuals with the specific experience they were looking for, without the upfront cost and risk associated with hiring senior staff. 

for younger brands it became even more obvious. often, they cannot afford adding several C-level hires and yet they are the ones in need of the most help.

That’s where we come in. 



Vincent Biscaye

started Step Two Advisors in early 2016 to help founders succeed in their mission : to go from a concept to a product and from a product to a recognizable brand.
Every entrepreneur faces the same challenges in the first couple of years and we assist our clients in various areas of their business so that founders can focus on what matters the most.

"Shaping the future of food".